About QAWorks

About us

We're a software-testing company like no other with a highly skilled technical team of Software Develop Engineers In Test. We work with some of the most established global brands using BDD processes and tools to provide the most effective QA solutions.


QAWorks was formerly NMQA's web and mobile testing practise. NMQA was established in April 2000 as a technical testing consultancy and over the years has enjoyed fantastic success with customers including Barclays, HSBC, BBC, BSkyB, Yahoo!, TUI and Vodafone. In 2012 the board of NMQA believed further success could be leveraged if the business was re-organised into two unique companies with a specific focus and purpose.

Since QAWorks was launched as a standalone company we have seen interest levels in our services rocket past those experienced when we were simply a department of NMQA.

QAWorks services

Test Lab Vs Onsite

You have space for us in your office and you want to fully embrace agile scrum techniques, with testers sat within your teams. You have a backlog of test scenarios that need to be automated and you want to outsource this work. For security reasons everyone has to be sat within your four walls. You're based in some remote location and it doesn't make sense for a supplier to work there. Whatever your situation, we have seen it all and accommodated it all. This is why we've established a QAWorks test lab as well as offering on-site services.

Research and Development

Our business model has always incorporated an R&D centre. During the NMQA years we developed a suite of test and defect management tools under the collective name of 'QABook', which is perfect for the traditional testing world. Now, with QAWorks, our focus is on behaviour driven development (BDD) methods so we have adapted QABook to work with sprints and feature files. On top of this we are always looking to give back to the open source world by creating useful gems, jars and plugins, as without the open source community we may not be here today.

Cloud Infrastructure

The cloud enables IT organizations to anticipate and respond to the changing needs of the business more quickly and efficiently than ever before. At QAWorks, we are cloud enabling our infrastructure to encapsulate our Quality IP allowing us to access our full suite of SaaS test tools and pre-configured compatibility and performance testing environments from anywhere.

QAWorks services

With our focus on web and mobile technology, our cloud infrastructure, our on-going test tool research and development, and our passion for everything QA and software testing, we see no limits to what we can achieve.

UK based - with a global reach

QAWorks UK based - with a global reach

QAWorks is a UK company with global ideals. We have developed a full plug and play 'virtual lab' solution which we are constantly evolving. This will revolutionise how companies test their software. Our 'virtual lab' infrastructure will allow us to quickly and easily establish new QAWorks test labs in different strategic locations around the world. It will also provide our customers with access to a world class test lab facility from their office or enable us to 'pop-up' a test lab near to our customers if they want us to be local but don't have space in their office. We can quickly establish a test lab anywhere - all we need is an office with a decent internet connection.

Web and mobile platforms

QAWorks Web and mobile platforms

QAWorks' mission is to become the 'go to' testing consultancy for web and mobile application testing services. We have widespread knowledge in this area, are highly experienced in working with customers developing digital applications, and have ourselves invested heavily in this space.

Following the innovative approach that led to the formation of QAWorks, our aim is to remain at the forefront of the digital revolution, with a strong focus on providing technical testing services in a tools agnostic manner.

As both devices and technology proliferate, QAWorks will expand its capabilities accordingly. Our web and mobile testing solutions will continually evolve, ensuring they remain in step with marketplace changes. In turn, our customers' businesses are closely supported when responding to changes in the digital landscape.